Rhino Rack Awning Range

May 30, 2019 Leave Comment

Awnings are fast becoming a requirement for your 4WD. Its little wonder why, with the ability to have a decent amount of shade whereever you go to escape the sun or the rain. Our good friends at Rhino Rack have an awesome range of awnings that are broken down into 2 distinct versions:

SUNSEEKER 2.5 and 2.0

The Sunseeker are your ‘traditional’ awning that extends out from the side of the vehicle. For most people the Sunseeker 2.5 is the pick as it offers the maximum shade. Rhino Rack also offer the Sunseeker 2.0 which is 50cm shorter if you are not keen on the ‘jousting’ look that having a longer awning can create.


If you are after a bit more shade, the look no further than the BATWING and BATWING COMPACT awnings from Rhino Rack. These awnings are what is known as a ‘270 awning’ due to offering 270 degrees of shade around the vehicle. The BATWING is the standard version which has poles built into the awning so there is no need to carry an extra pole bag in the vehicle. This Awning is a very big awning, if it’s just too big for your vehicle then its baby brother the BATWING COMPACT offers all of the same features in a smaller package.

Roof Rack Superstore can help you out with choosing the perfect awning for your needs. Be sure to get in contact with one of our stores to find out more. You can also get in contact with us on Facebook.

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